Graphic Novel Review: Snotgirl (Volume 1)

Ok, so Lottie, our main gal, is a fashion blogger. And she’s exactly like you’d expect! Together, happy, hot, popular…except only on social media. In real life, she struggles with being happy, having shitty friends, weird boyfriend drama, and gross allergies, hence the name. She’s also struggling with a murder/not murder mystery! She may be losing it or maybe she’s not!


Graphic Novel Review: Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Persepolis steps into the daily run-arounds of a young girl in Iran during the Islamic revolution. It offers glimpses into her home life as well as the life outside of the home. Marjane’s parents are more liberal than most and she’s coming to the age when she wants to join them in protests and being outspoken.