Horror Movie Review: Night of the Creeps (1986)

The movie starts with some aliens dropping some babies (?) off on earth and leaving in the 50’s. The babies, which are slugs, cause a bit of a stir, but are quickly contained and forgotten until the 80’s. Flashing forward to the 80’s we find college kids that are getting ready for their first formal. Our protagonists are two socially awkward dudes trying to get with popular college chicks. We watch as they fumble through interactions and then fumble through trying to get rid of the slugs they accidently released. The slugs have one mission: to get in yo braaaaiiiiinnnnnns! They fly into mouths and then take over the bloodied bodies of the unfortunate.


Horror Movie Review: Friday the 13th (1980)

Camp Crystal Lake is reopening after being closed for many years after some gruesome murders. The area had a string of bad luck since then, but Steve Christy (Pete Brouwer) is determined to get it back on its feet. He hires a group of teenagers to help, but everyone starts getting offed their first night! They are stalked, toyed with, and killed until the very end.

Graphic Novel Review: Snotgirl (Volume 1)

Ok, so Lottie, our main gal, is a fashion blogger. And she’s exactly like you’d expect! Together, happy, hot, popular…except only on social media. In real life, she struggles with being happy, having shitty friends, weird boyfriend drama, and gross allergies, hence the name. She’s also struggling with a murder/not murder mystery! She may be losing it or maybe she’s not!

Horror Movie Review: Cronos (1993)

In southern Mexico, there’s a device that was created in the 1500’s that can prolong its owner’s life, at a high (and gross) cost. It goes missing in the 1900’s and ends up in an antique shop owned by Jesus Gris. Jesus begins to investigate this ornate little thing while a very wealthy -and sick- man is going to great lengths to find it. Gris begins to ‘use’ the object because it dials back the biological clock for him, but eventually he really wants to eat all the blood and starts getting super gross and weird about it. Things go south!