Horror Movie Review: Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps (1986)

Directed by Fred Dekker


First Thoughts:

I picked this movie for my Spooky Scary Club as our August movie because it focused around college kids. Honestly! It did help that it’s a bit of a creature feature (my favorite horror genre) and that it had some zombie aspects to it (another top fave genre). I watched the trailer and figured I was in for a good night of silly 80’s horror. I was expecting lots of cheese.


Quick Rundown:

The movie starts with some aliens dropping some babies (?) off on earth and leaving in the 50’s. The babies, which are slugs, cause a bit of a stir, but are quickly contained and forgotten until the 80’s. Flashing forward to the 80’s we find college kids that are getting ready for their first formal. Our protagonists are two socially awkward dudes trying to get with popular college chicks. We watch as they fumble through interactions and then fumble through trying to get rid of the slugs they accidently released. The slugs have one mission: to get in yo braaaaiiiiinnnnnns! They fly into mouths and then take over the bloodied bodies of the unfortunate.


After Thoughts:

Holy shit! This movie is fantastic! I CAN’T BELIEVE it’s taken me so many years to get around to this one! If you haven’t watched this, stop right now and just do it! Thank me later.


Anyway, this movie really was great. The budget and production value were a lot higher than I was expecting. That was the first thing that kept standing out. It looked good! The sci-fi of it all wasn’t overly cheesed out!

Our main protagonist, Chris (Jason Lively) is a typical love-struck sad puppy, but I did like him! His best friend, J.C. (Steve Marshall) was the real winner though. He’s witty, charismatic, and just an all-around good dude. I was completely drawn to him! Can we talk about Detective Ray Cameron though? Tom Atkins did a riveting job of playing this hard-boiled detective. I LOVED his performance! And so many great catchphrases/one-liners! I will only answer the phone with a curt “Thrill me” from now on.


As far as the actual plot goes, it was cohesive enough to keep me engaged and had a surprising number of layers to it. Anyone else notice the suicide attempt?? WTF?? I was a little saddened by a certain death, but I’m also glad it happened the way it did. It made sense and I do like it when movies don’t completely pander to their audiences. Some of the viewing party took issue with the alien backstory (the scenes were admittedly out of place), but I enjoyed it! Again, the production value was good, and I don’t mind a little bit of fluff when it’s fun to look at.

As far as the zombies go, I liked this brand! I liked that they didn’t necessarily eat brains, they spit out slugs that did that for them! They were kind of Thrilleresque with the 80’s fashion, especially 80’s prom fashion. The scene where they are stumbling out of the wrecked van was the opening to Thriller, I’m sure. Those shoulder pads though!

I can definitely see why this movie has turned into a cult classic!


Your Turn:

Have you given Night of the Creeps a watch? Please tell me other people love this movie too! What are your thoughts? Drop a line down below!


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