Graphic Novel Review: Snotgirl (Volume 1)

Snotgirl (Volume 1)

By Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung
Artists: Leslie Hung and Mickey Quinn


First Thoughts:

I picked this up awhile ago and I haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I’m pretty stoked to finally get to it. This was a case of totally judging a book by it’s cover and name! She looks kind of badass, but in an accidental way, ya know? Like, she’s not trying hard, she’s just cool. It’s from the creator of Scott Pilgrim so I’m thinking it will be lighthearted, fun, and captivating.

Quick Rundown:

Ok, so Lottie, our main gal, is a fashion blogger. And she’s exactly like you’d expect! Together, happy, hot, popular…except only on social media. In real life, she struggles with being happy, having shitty friends, weird boyfriend drama, and gross allergies, hence the name. She’s also struggling with a murder/not murder mystery! She may be losing it or maybe she’s not!


After Thoughts:

I LOVE murder mysteries! This totally sucked me in! At first, I was a little put off by the social media/fashion blogger queen angle. Just because it all sounded tedious at first. But I liked that right away Lottie shows us that she’s not perfect. She’s honest about being neurotic and full of snot. It’s kind of refreshing, in a way.


I’m just going to say it: I enjoy her drama. I like the push and pull kind of friends she has. They are bitches to each other, but you can tell they care. Very Clueless reminiscent. I like the lingering relationship with her ex, Sunny. It feels real! Like, I would be confused by some of the stuff he pulled (I know from experience. Ugh). I think it’s interesting, too, the way she’s kind of isolated. Her life IS social media. Her closest ‘friend’ is her intern, Esther, and we all know she’s just there for the experience. It’s kind of sad a bit. It reminds me of some of the old bloggers I used to follow. She reminds me of one in particular. I won’t name names, but Lottie’s life reminds me of this other gal so, so much. Ah, myspace!


I have so many mixed feelings about Charlene, the girl who’s her ex-intern and happens to be her ex’s new main squeeze. From Lottie’s perspective, she’s stalkerish, clingy, boring, homely. She seems desperate and kinda intense. But there’s a scene where Cutegirl is trying to tell Lottie that Charlene is just a baby Lottie…and I kinda think maybe that’s the truth. Maybe? I don’t know. Cutegirl shows a picture of Charlene and she does resemble Lottie in a way and she looks way better in the gram photo than through Lottie’s eyes. Is Lottie imagining her looking worse? Are her pills messing with her more than she thinks?


And now my thoughts on the murder mystery! What is up with Coolgirl?! I’m so lost! What really happened?! Is the cop guy going to put the heat on Lottie? Or just the moves?? Anyway, it’s all rather intriguing. When the bathroom scene first happened, I was like, ‘oh shit, how is she going to get around this one? She has no skills!’ And when the texts rolled in, I thought someone was messing with her (maybe Charlene after she said she saw them together?!) but that was quickly squashed as I kept reading. The ending had me totally sprung! Is Caroline/Coolgirl really there? She must be, right? People were responding to her! Like, they saw her. So, what happened?? Right now, I’m completely up in the air, but I am leaning towards someone has it out for Lottie and is messing with her. Maybe the cop guy is some crazed stalker and is luring her into a trap, so he has her all for himself?? I don’t know. I really don’t! But I will be picking up the next volume to find out!


Your Turn:

I really want to chat about this with someone and make wild conjectures! Anyone else read volume one and want to throw your thoughts around? Comment below!



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