Horror Movie Review: The Reanimator (1985)

The Reanimator (1985)

Directed by Stuart Gordon


First Thoughts:

I’m completely intrigued by the medical aspect of zombies! I recently sat in on a presentation about medicine in the horror genre and it fascinated me. I also enjoy kitschy gore and I hope this doesn’t disappoint. Seeing that it’s from the eighties, I’m looking forward to subpar acting.


Quick Rundown:

A medical student, Herbert West, is transferred to a new med school/program. This guy is OBSESSED with his chosen path. He ends up moving in with the Cool Guy on campus and gets him and his girlfriend roped into some bizarre situations. You know, like bringing back the dead! Things go wrong in case you didn’t see that coming.


After Thoughts:

A disembodied zombie head putting the moves on a distressed girl?! What the fuck is happening?! This movie didn’t disappoint! I had a blast! Herbert West was the perfect and most typical guy to pursue reanimation. He’s cocky, smart, and stubborn. There’s a scene at the beginning of the film where he is sitting in on a lecture. He’s watching very intently, but then starts to pester the lecturer, Dr. Carl Hill, by obnoxiously breaking his pencil because he disapproves. It’s surprisingly funny and silly and the perfect depiction of the kind of guy West is. Speaking of Dr. Carl Hill, he was an excellent Bad Guy! He wants the glory even after his body is…not doing so great. We all were loving every minute of his screen time! As far as the zombies go, I liked this breed. The movie definitely leaned into some sort of brain damage, which fell in line with the all the medical stuff. I liked that they were still kinda sentient, as far as other breeds go. These zombies were motivated by more than just eating brains, and I’m ok with that. Based on this movie, I’ll most likely read the book now and watch the rest of the trilogy.


Your Turn:

If you’re into comedy horror with a touch of silly gore, you should see this. It’s fun and light hearted. If you’ve already seen it, what did you think??


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