Graphic Novel Review: Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

By Marjane Satrapi


First Thoughts:

War and politics all wrapped up in a childhood?! Sounds heavy. This book has a lot of praise, it’s probably dope. It feels like a book that’s totally relevant and is rich with history that I don’t know a lot about. Sounds captivating and I’m ready for it. Art work: I like how cartoony it is and the use of just black and white.


Quick Rundown:

Persepolis steps into the daily run-arounds of a young girl in Iran during the Islamic revolution. It offers glimpses into her home life as well as the life outside of the home. Marjane’s parents are more liberal than most and she’s coming to the age when she wants to join them in protests and being outspoken.


After Thoughts:

First things first, I enjoyed this! Marjane Satrapi told her story, which was heavy at times like I thought it would be, with humor and excellent story telling. I mean, she cracks a joke about a lady needing to shave her mustache in the middle of an arc about schools becoming more religiously strict. She also tackles difficult scenes by relating them to moments many people had in their childhoods. We all remember sneaking that first cigarette when we were way too young and had no idea what we were doing. Her first cigarette is in here! She masterfully weaves history and anecdotes into the novel and it works very well. I like that she used a graphic novel to tell this story because it offers the reader more than just words. We get to see, somewhat, what the scene looked like, but also, it’s just more fun this way. I learned more than I expected about the culture and that time frame. That alone was worth the read. My favorite parts about this particular novel were the ones that made me think of how similar childhood is all over the world. There’s a scene talking about her punk phase that I related to so hard! I guess it’s just refreshing to know that these little milestones still happen, regardless of how bleak the outside world is. We are all truly one people. Can’t we just unite in having made it through the awkward years?


Your Turn:

I would like to hear what other readers think! Or if my review inspired you to pick it up if you haven’t yet. Drop a few lines down there!


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